United Nations Development Programme

UNDP partners globally with all levels of society in more than 170 countries where we operate. We offer global perspective and local insight to help empower lives and build resilient nations that can withstand crisis, and drive and sustain growth improving thus the quality of life for everyone. As the lead development agency in Sudan, we support strategic capacity development initiatives to promote inclusive growth.


UNDP works with all levels of the society, offering global perspectives and local insights to help empower lives and build resilient communities. With focus on inclusion, we partner with youth, women and local entrepreneurs as drivers of innovation and growth for a better future.


UNDP believes that Sudan can build a sustainable future in which all regions and communities are able to flourish. Building on the natural resources, human and wealth and diversity of Sudan. UNDP helps build resilience of people and their communities promoting inclusive sustainable growth. Key results focus on peaceful settlement of disputes and progress towards democratic governance, greater employment and sustainable livelihoods opportunities.


Our Development Pillars:

* Governance and Livelihoods stabilization: Ensuring a smooth transition from recovery to development while securing the rights of everyone.


* Sustainable Livelihoods: Investing in people’s capacities and new opportunities while promoting greener economies.



Our Goals

In Sudan, we are facilitating a peaceful transition from recovery to development in line with national priorities. By enhancing economic recovery and livelihoods opportunities to the people of Sudan, we are providing the strongest incentive for individuals and communities to break out of protracted conflict dynamics and join the peace efforts. Alongside this, we work on restoring the government and local capacities to mediate and resolve conflicts, strengthen community’s resilience and ensure effective management of natural resources.