United Nations Resident Coordinator's Office

The UN Resident Coordinator is the designated representative of the UN Secretary-General in Sudan and guides the UN’s engagement in development activities in the country. The Resident Coordinator’s main responsibilities include ensuring the coordination of the UN’s development activities, creating a platform of coordinated delivery, and promoting the enhancement of national capacities; and ensuring effective advocacy of UN values, standards, principles and activities on behalf of the UN with the highest level of Government.


The UN Resident Coordinator is also responsible for advancing the UN Secretary-General’s ‘increased coherence’ agenda in Sudan. The overall goal of this agenda is to bring UN agencies, funds and programmes to work more closely together to increase effectiveness (improved results), relevance (greater alignment with national priorities) and efficiency (reduced duplication and transactions costs).


A multi-disciplinary team at the Resident Coordinator’s Office supports the UN Resident Coordinator and UN agencies, funds and programmes in:


  • strengthening the coordination of development activities within the UN and between the UN and partners;  
  • furthering coherence within the UN by way of joint strategic planning and  programming of development activities, in particular through the UNDAF;
  • strengthening joint communications, advocacy and reporting on the collective contribution of the UN to the development of Sudan;
  • supporting the harmonization and simplification of business practices and administrative procedures;
  • engaging in joint resource mobilization.