Creating Life changing Opportunities to Youth through the Provision of Waste Management Training


Originally targeting 2000 beneficiaries, the Creation of Job opportunities for Youth in Sudan through Labour Intensive Work project, took off to a flying start exceeding its target by an extra 1200 youth, allowing a total of 3200 youth to benefit from the project.


The project aims to address youth unemployment by creating rapid and diversified employment opportunities for the least advantaged unemployed and unskilled young Sudanese in Khartoum State, through labour-intensive work. It addresses as well the solid waste management issue in urban areas, which is a serious concern that has a negative impact on the environment. Khartoum State alone produces approximately 4,500 tons of waste per day, making it vital for the beneficiaries to be trained professionally in this sector.


The first batch of beneficiaries  has successfully completed their theoretical and practical training in the Waste Management sector.


Wahid Ahmed 29 year old a recent graduate of this training stated “I first learnt about this capacity building training from a group of youth who approached our locality announcing the availability of working  and training opportunities in the fields of mechanics and waster management.  I signed up immediately as I have been looking desperately for a job for three years now to no avail.  At first I was given a 14 day training on waste management that was conducted at the Vocational and Continuous  training  center which is located next to the Jackson Yard. This was followed by a on the job 10 day training which is focused on more on the practical side combined with a training on mechanics. Following this intensive training on waste management and mechanics I was introduced to a 10 day training on entrepreneurship which I found really interesting and which have really made me start thinking on ways to expand my horizons. These courses were provided by the Higher Council for Vocational training which has given me a certificate of completion.


I am very pleased that I have completed all these training sessions. Before I joined, I had little or no prospects but now I have the choice to either opt for a taking a loan from the Family Bank and start my own business based on what I have learnt in the fields of entrepreneurship  and mechanics. Or I could join choose to have a permanent job with the state.”


Thanks to the successful agreement between UNDP and the Ministry of Labour and Administrative Reform and the Supervisory Department for Cleaning Council for Environment and Cleaning Affairs Khartoum, youth from this batch are guaranteed permanent working opportunities within the sector or the choice to continue with the Entrepreneurship training (as part of UNDP’s sustainability plan) which provides them with skills as well as financing, should their project proposals prove effective.


UNDP has secured total financing opportunities for a total of 3,200 individuals including the additional graduates from a formal agreement with the Family Bank.


The first batch of beneficiaries consisted of 500 fully trained youth in Waste Management and 455 in Entrepreneurship opportunities.