Darfuris trained to provide environmental support to their communities in North Darfur

 Hands-on practical training in Magdoub A village for NRM extension agents

Fifty-nine community members from across the Wadi El Ku project area have been trained as Natural Resource Management (NRM) Extension Agents. Alongside the community trainees, four technical staff from the Forestry National Corporation (FNC) and three extension staff from the Ministry of Agriculture were also trained.


The purpose of the training, held in November and December 2015 in El Fasher town – with hands-on field work in Shagra and Magdoub villages – was to produce a cadre of local NRM extension agents who will act as promoters of NRM within their communities, and will pass on NRM knowledge and techniques to the wider community. Trained government technical staff will ensure that NRM extension capacity is introduced or broadened within the relevant government technical departments responsible for providing extension services to communities.


The training course covered a range of topics, including: community forestry and seedling nursery management; tree pruning and care; tapping gum Arabic; agro-forestry approaches; protecting and regenerating pastures; stabilizing gullies using Vetiver grass; and natural resource laws and policies. The course was led by Practical Action and training provided by staff from Practical Action, UNEP, the University of El Fashir, the Ministry of Environment, the Department of Range and Pastures (State Ministry of Agriculture), FNC, as well as gum Arabic tapping specialists from the Agricultural Research Corporation.


Practical Action will monitor the work of the trained NRM extension agents by tracking the work of at least 4 extension agents, each working in a different section of the project area, every 4 months to see what they have achieved since the training, what kind of extension services they have provided and to whom.