WFP Food Assistance Help Darfurians During Ramadan

WFPphotoEkhlas is looking forward to celebrating Ramadan by cooking traditional dishes like Asida, a porridge made with millet, one of the food items she receives from WFP.


Violence that erupted in Darfur more than a decade ago has forced hundreds of thousands of people out of their villages. They left everything behind – their land, livestock, homes and, above all, memories that came with all of these. Although many Sudanese in camps around Darfur have been living in prolonged displacement, they still long for home. During the holy month of Ramadan, the feeling of loss is most intense, with some trying to recreate what they had back home. A total 1.3 million displaced people in Darfur have received WFP assistance this year – nearly half a million of them through Cash-Based Transfers or vouchers that enable them to buy the food of their choice. For more on this, click here.