Joint Resilience Project In Kassala


What is the project about?

This joint project is a partnership between FAO, UNICEF and WFP, presenting a coordinated, holistic approach to increase resilience by addressing the effects of flood and drought shocks on the health and nutrition status of women and children in four localities in Kassala state, Eastern Sudan.


The project builds on the comparative advantages of the three agencies in order to implement a synergistic set of activities that will improve and strengthen communal and household-level resilience in targeted marginalized communities in Kassala state, so that they are better able to withstand recurrent and predictable shocks. FAO, WFP and UNICEF have been closely working with the Government in streamlining and harmonizing the food and nutrition policy framework and process within a comprehensive vision and approach to improving food and nutrition security.


All three agencies work closely with government entities and have long-standing relationships with their mandate-relevant ministries. The intended impact of the project is to increase the resilience to droughts and floods in the targeted communities in four selected localities (Aroma, Hammashkoreb, North Delta, and Telkok) in Kassala state.