Natural Resource Management


What is the project about?

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to improved livelihoods and poverty alleviation of conflict-affected populations in East Darfur. The project purpose is to ensure that natural resources are more sustainably and productively used by the population of three localities in East Darfur. In pursuing this purpose, special attention will be paid to water, land and forest resources. This purpose will be achieved through three results, namely:


1. Policies guiding the use of natural resources are formulated, adapted to local requirements, and implemented at local levels

2. Rehabilitated and newly constructed water points are ensuring sustainable and conflict free supply

3. Local beneficiaries are applying techniques contributing to more sustainable and productive use of natural resources

Project inputs and activities will draw on the experience and understanding in the Darfur context of UNOPS, UNEP and NGO partners, of IWRM, sustainable forest management, range and livestock management, peace building, stakeholder consultation, extension, capacity building, and policy formulation. The project is expected to benefit people living in or around, and migrating through communities in Adila, Ed Da’ein, and Bahr El Arab localities. The total population of these localities is estimated to be 525,00026, of which an estimated 45,000 will benefit directly from project activities27.


Benefit will additionally accrue to locality and state level partner institutions, in the form of increased capacity to address the needs of users of their respective services. Given project success, indirect benefits will be felt more widely throughout East Darfur as project approaches are replicated in other communities and Localities.