Support to the Internal Darfur Dialogue and Consultations

What is the project about?



The United Nations, African Union, and State of Qatar facilitate the DIDC. Welcomed by the Security Council resolution 2113 (2013), this project aims to form a strategy for the development of the dialogue and consultations in an environment of respect for the civil and political rights of participants, including women, freedom of speech and assembly, freedom of movement of participants.


The overarching objective of the DIDC is to consolidate peace in Darfur by promoting confidence-building and encouraging reconciliation as well as unity amongst the people of Darfur and Sudan. More specific, issue-based and stakeholder-focused objectives were outlined below which are building blocks towards achieving the overall objective. The seven month DIDC process will focus on operationalizing and achieving these specific objectives.




a) Widen ownership for DDPD and mobilize support for its implementation.

b) Bring about a social and political rejuvenation in Darfur and help the people to come to terms with their immediate past and forge ahead.

c) Address issues related to civic responsibilities, democratic values and practice as well as peace building.

d) Enhance time-tested traditional practices regarding settlement of local disputes, land ownership, pastures, transhumance, water, natural resources etc.

e) Promote inter-tribal and inter-communal peace, reconciliation and harmonious coexistence.

f) Enhance the status of Native Administration including restoring its authority and building its capacity.

g) Raise awareness and mobilize support for all measures taken regarding civilian arms control, the promotion of women, youth development, the safe return of IDPs, and refugees and their reintegration into the society, property restitution and compensation as provided for in the DDPD.