UN Partnership to Promote the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

What is the project about?



The objective of this program is to ensure a comprehensive integrated approach to the inclusion of children with disabilities into mainstream education through building national capacity and increasing the enabling environment in schools. Simultaneously, the programme will contribute to ensuring that the Sudanese government fulfills its national and international obligations towards protecting the rights of children with disabilities as detailed in article 24 of the CRPD and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).


Through joint efforts of the UNCT – namely the three applying agencies UNICEF, UNESCO and the WHO – and in close collaboration with the line ministries, the National Council for Persons with Disabilities, Disabled People’s Unions, and DPOs, a holistic integrated model will be established catering for the educational, social, health and protection needs of children with disabilities in mainstream education for the first time in Sudan, serving as a model for the mainstreaming and fulfillment of the rights of people with disabilities into other development strategies across Sudan.


The intended impact of the project is to promote Inclusive environments in schools resulting in all children, including children with disabilities, having improved access to mainstream education and health opportunities.



Project's outputs

  1. The knowledge and skills of policy makers, line ministry staff, and teachers on inclusive education and learning difficulties is enhanced.
  2. National school construction standards are being met for construction and rehabilitation of schools, ensuring schools and classrooms are accessible for Children with Disabilities.
  3. Inclusion of disability and CBR in current existing mainstream community based health schemes, programs and services of the Ministry of health and particularly in the public health sector through the provision of intensive short courses targeting existing community health workers to build their capacities and equip them with basic information and skills needed to provide services for children with disabilities.