UNDF Showcases the results of the FaST activities from Darfur at the QFFD event in Khartoum



After 20 months of work delivering peace dividends and accelerating recovery and development in Darfur, the results of the UN Darfur Fund (UNDF) Foundational and Short-Term (FaST) activities are becoming visible, as shown on Monday, 21

st August 2017 in Khartoum at an event organized by the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD). QFFD held the event to celebrate achievements implemented by partners in Sudan funded by the State of Qatar.

The Director General of QFFD, Mr. Khalifa Al Kuwari, in his opening speech confirmed Qatar’s continuing support to the development of Sudan, with a special focus on Darfur. He announced upcoming development projects with Qatari Organisations and International Institutions, including Qatar Red Crescent Society, Qatar Charity and the Carter Centre.

It was the perfect occasion for the UNDF to highlight its partnership with QFFD and showcase the results of the FaST activities in the 5 states of Darfur. QFFD has committed US$88.5m to UNDF to support the FaST activities of the Darfur Development Strategy (DDS); $56m of this amount now been provided. The UNDF gave a presentation and video updating the participants on the achievements of these 12 Fast activities. The activities are being implemented by 13 UN entities in partnership with the Government of Sudan, international NGO’s, national NGO’s, research institutes and the private sector.


The Fast activities are a holistic approach for equitable, sustainable and participatory development, which is vital to move Darfur out of a cycle of conflict and poverty, towards a stable and prosperous future. They demonstrate the benefits of peaceful cooperation and bring people together to sustain their aspirations for a better future. Together they will ensure that people invest in their future, have a say in the running of their communities, and are equipped with the right tools and skills to make a living. Whether IDPs, refugees or returnees, ex-combatants or host communities, farmers or nomads, young men or women, they are all key actors and decision-makers in the creation of a future Darfur guided by peace, not conflict. The core objectives of the FaST activities are to build confidence among communities, reduce dependency on humanitarian aid, and create real alternatives and viable options for young men and women through education and sustainable livelihoods.


The event was well attended by prominent members of the Government of Sudan, the diplomatic community and the UN.