Sustainable Development Goals






Global Development Agenda in 2015

SDGsSustainable Development Goals


A high point reached at the UN General Assembly in September 2015 adopted the post-2015 agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted,

The ultimate finalized global development agenda will have been reached, at the end of the year, through a number of international events including:

1. The 3rd International Conference on Financing for Development (July 2015),

2. The UN Special Summit on Sustainable Development (September 2015),

3. The Conference of Parties (CoP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (in December in Paris).


The UN General Assembly endorsed the 17 SDGs and 169 targets; countries will select from the SDGs and targets, i.e. each government will set its own national targets taking into account national circumstances. Within this context, the United Nations will be:


  • Providing support to governments to reflect the new global agenda in national development plans and policies. This work is already underway in many countries at national request;
  • Supporting countries to accelerate progress on SDG targets. In this, we will make use of our extensive experience over the past five years with the MDG Acceleration Framework;
  • Making the UN’s policy expertise on sustainable development and governance available to governments at all stages of implementation.

UN Approach to SDGs Advocacy

UN will implement the SDGs policy advocacy through the collaboration between UN members and partnership with national partners.

The UN team will organize several high level advocacy events for inclusion of SDGs in national, sub-national development frameworks and policies; the events will cover sectoral national groups of government, civil society, private sector and media.